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History of Volleyball

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Volleyball- A History Not Too Old

Volleyball is one of the most popular sports in the world that draws attention of sports buffs across the globe. Seeing its not too old history, game's popularity around the globe seems incredible. This sport is barely one hundred and ten year old and has already gone through various stages of evolution.

The history begins with Mr. G. Morgan developing the initial form of the sport in 1895. He termed the game, “Mintonette”. This sport originally aimed at providing entertainment to the businessmen. The birthplace of volleyball was Masachussetts where Morgan used to work, in Holyoke. Though the game was new in itself, Morgan combined various facets of other sports to make it playable. Net was introduced from tennis, although it's height was raised above the height of the normal man. Some other ideas were taken from baseball.

The credit of the present name of the game goes to a spectator. While watching one such game, the spectator commented that game is all about volleying the ball. That was the day when this game was christened again as Volleyball.

It took one year for the first official game to be played in 1896. The venue was Springfield College. Then onwards the sport never looked back. By 1900, a new ball was specifically made to suit the sport. The year also witnessed the sport getting trans national as YMCA took the volleyball to Canada and South America. Within four to five years, Cuba also became a host to the game.

Within twelve years of its birth, volleyball was declared as one of the most popular sport at play America convention. By 1913, the sport registered an entry in Eastern game events. A new thing was introduced in the game at Philippines in 1916. It was the introduction of spike and set pass in the game. The term “Bomba” and “Bomberino” for kill and the hitter was also a contribution of Filipinos. Later, scoring points were also reduced to 15 from 21.

A few years later sixteen thousand volleyballs were distributed to army men by American Expeditionary Forces, resulting in a surge in the popularity of the sport. By 1928, American Volleyball Association was ready to organize tournaments. Men's open was kick started in US. In 1934, the sport witnessed introduction of referees. It took six more years to facilitate way for World Championship in the sport. The sport registered its birth in Olympic in 1964. Growing popularity among women gave way to Women's professional Volleyball Association.

This fascinating journey of Volleyball is on and still moving. Seeing its growing acceptance, it is likely to scale new heights in the history of sports.

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