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Volleyball World Championship Is The Biggest Event Of The Sport

The journey of volleyball that started not too long ago is moving ahead with ever surging glory. This ever changing, rather ever improving sport is known globally for offering variety of genres. And it's no less behind in offering host of big world tournaments.

Volleyball World Championship and Volleyball World Cup, along with Olympic are leading world celebrations for the sport. These three big events ensure that out of every four year there is only one year left out of any big events. World league title is another prominent volleyball carnival that witnesses a tussle between titans of the game.

Federation International de Volleyball organizes World Championship after every four years. This tournament is biggest euphoric event for volleyball lovers. 1974 onwards, Championship is being organized for men and women, both. This event in men's category marks dominance of European team as only two out of 15 championships have gone to non European squads. Italy's domination of the 90's came to an end with Brazil winning the last title in 2002. Although, Italy could win the last women title, predominance of Russia and China has been a history in women championship. 2006 Championship is scheduled in Japan this year. As usual, 24 men and 24 women teams would trigger off their campaign to prove their mettle.

Volleyball World Cup is another fare that marks showdown between titans, for making an entry into Olympics. In fact, this tournament is meant to fill the gap between world championship and Olympic. Brazil and China were the leading teams in men and women category respectively. Although, World Cup history is not too old as world championship is organized with same fervor and fan fare. Leading teams of volleyball look at Olympic as an opportunity to register their supremacy over others. Hence, Olympic is no less important for volleyball playing nations and global community of volleyball lovers. Brazil, Russia, Italy, China, and Japan have remained top teams in Volleyball World Cup.

World league title is another major international event being organized under the aegis of FIVB. Recent World League, held at Moscow witnessed the defending champion Brazil, winning the title again. And the host Russia got solace in bronze with third place in tournament. France made it to the final with vengeance but failed to deliver in the finale.

World volleyball grandprix for both men and women is another leading international tournament. Apart from these big events, FIVB shows its commitment to the sport by organizing junior men and women world championships.

These international events are complimented by various volleyball open competitions, inviting teams and clubs from all around the globe. AVP Santa Barbara Open, Chicago open and Atlanta Open are two of the big regional carnivals.

Events are no less and many more international events are coming up. It seems that the popularity of volleyball is soaring with every new addition to events. Hope this journey continues till long.

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