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Volleyball In The United States

Since it's birth in United States, volleyball has remained one of the most popular sport in this country. The country has nursed the sport as a mother and has helped it grow as a global sport. This fact can't be denied that the sport owes its very existence to the United States. Thus US and Volleyball are inseparable.

Presently, it’s United States' Volleyball Association that is looking into the interest of the sport as it's national governing body. The USVBA is striving for the growth of volleyball within and outside the country. The association also aims at making a powerful American representation at international volleyball bodies. The association also aims at fairing well at various championships including Olympics.

In order to popularize the sport further,the association also introduced domestic tournaments of different age groups and sexes. In 1986, US also witnessed a Women Championship. In 1987, Indoor Volleyball Women's league was introduced. The Association also went on establishing Junior Olympic Club Volleyball. It was done with a view to train young boys and girls for national squads.

Club level tournaments and provincial tournaments provide enough opportunity for budding talents to get groomed into national players. US every year witnesses nine qualifying championships for various volleyball clubs striving for an entry into national championship.

In recent years in the US, women have been found to be taking more interest in the game than men. Volleyball can be termed as one of the most popular school level girls sport in US. Annual festivals of volleyball at Nevada and Reno are also very popular.

US national team, junior national team and youth team of both sexes have registered fair amount of success in overseas competitions. Different genres of Volleyball in US offer variety to the lovers of this sport. For example Beach volleyball, Indoor volleyball and park volleyball tournaments are organized separately. Indoor sand volleyball is a new introduction in America.

Volleyball Welfare Association is other such organization working for enhancement and popularity of sport. High School Beach Volleyball is one other such effort by the organization. Training camps are also organized by Volleyball Welfare Association to nurture budding talents. Multi level tournaments of various Volleyball genres for different sexes confirm United States’ commitment towards the sport.

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