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Euphoria Is On For 2006 Volley Ball World Championship

Volleyball lovers are planning to head toward only one destination this year and the destination is none other than Japan where best volleyball teams would fight their battle of supremacy in the 2006 World Championship, probably the biggest event of the sport. Brazil seems to be in an upbeat mood after winning world league title. Bernardo Rezende, the Brazilian coach says that he is eying on no less than winning the tournament.

The recently held world league event at Russia shows France as a potential contender. Although, France could not win over defending champion Brazil in finale, its performance was adjudged equally glorifying. Russia and Bulgaria were the other two who made it into the final four. Euphoria of world league would perhaps end with the beginning of grand volleyball celebration at Japan where euphoria reaches at its zenith.

Italy would definitely strive to bounce back for regaining the glory of the 90's but they won't be playing with the duo of Lorenzo Bernardi and Andrea Giani. It was Brazil's Nalbert who ended their winning campaign in 2002 World Championship.

Game's surging popularity could be witnessed from the fact that two hundred and eighteen countries participated for qualifying into the event for both men and women championship.

Brazil being the winner of 2003 World Cup too appears to be the strongest contender. Although, world cup history doesn't match with World Championship winners and runner ups of 2003 world Cup of both the categories, they have a psychological advantage. China is a potential contender of women's title.

International game is ok but volleyball got its recognition in nook and corners because of club teams and various regional opens. This month AVP Cincinati Open and Las Vegas invitational have invited international teams to participate. Birmingham Hoover Open and Chicago open are already over.

The game has also witnessed some changes in rules in recent years. Indoor genre of the sport has witnessed more changes that have altered the game's face to some extent. Rally point Scoring System has been introduced. Old system of scoring has been discarded in Indoor Volleyball. International governing body of the sport has given assent to the changes and has permitted match coordinators and TV channels to ascertain the length of the game.

Introduction of the LIBERO player is another revolutionary change in the sport in recent years. Libero is a defensive player who could be used as substitute for back row players with no restriction on number of substitution and number of players for whom he/she could be substituted. But, LIBERO is debarred from serving and attacking. There exists a permission of only one such player in a team in a match. LIBERO even sports a color, different from his teammates.

This is the first world championship with these changes. Let's see how these changes affect the tournament. The logo of Championship Val Kun depicts courage, strength and nobleness of players to win the title. Let's hope players justify the message disseminated by the logo.

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